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Spa QAQULA will take you on a journey of discovery....Offering a spectrum of authentic traditional therapies inspired from Takuapa Old Town;this journey would not be complete without a visit to the Spa Experience to sample the delights of ritualistic thermal bathing to regain your awareness before returning to the outside world.

  • Lavela ultra muscle relief

    Experience the rejuvenating powers or our most luxurious spa treatment.

    In a journey involving mind, body, and spirit, we harness the therapeutic powers of the Andaman Sea, in tandem with a special combination of Thai, Balinese, and Hawaiian massage techniques. We use our palms, elbows, thumbs and fingers, to stimulate main acupressure points, promoting the relaxation, purification, and energy of the body and mind.

    This treatment will bring balance to your health and well being by releasing stress, and bringing out your inner beauty. Our fine essential oils will promote smooth and healthy skin. The natural sand compress allows the heated healing sand of the Andaman Sea, high in vibration and rich in minerals, to work its magic on your tired and aching muscles.

    After a hard day of vacation, or after a little bit of work, give yourself over to the bliss of rejuvenation from the art of ancient healing techniques of the Andaman Sea.

    1 hour 30 minutes - 3,000 THB

  • Pearl gold package

    Helps to nourish the skin to shine bright and clear, with antioxidants. Therefore helps resist the deterioration of skin cells the cause of wrinkles reduce skin inflammation caused by sunlight being attacked.Inhibit the process create melanin pigment causes of melasma and freckles. Helps restore and stimulate collagen production and stimulate blood flow.

    1 hour 30 minutes (Per Couple) - 3,900 THB

  • Traditional thai massage

    Thai traditional massage has been the national arts and science of healing and remedy by using combination of pressure point, stretching and bending techniques to relieve muscle fatigue, ache and pain, reduce stress, relieve muscle soreness, release blockage energy whilst harmonize and invigorate the mind and body.

    60/90 Mins - 1,300/1,800 THB

  • Aromatherapy massage

    Discover the fragrant ancient art of Aromatherapy combines the use of essential oils and therapeutic massage. Enjoy an aromatherapy massage where essential oil is dropped onto your skin through a gentle balancing massage for total relaxation.

    60/90 Mins - 1,700/2,300 THB

  • Thai herbal compress massage

    Thai Herbal Compress has been used as an ancient healing system for muscle problems such as muscle aches and pains for centuries in Thailand. This kind of treatment is believed to be particularly good for stimulating circulation, known to boost energy flow that is vital for health.

    1 hour 30 minutes - 2,400 THB

  • Thai fusion massage

    Our unique techniques are blended from traditional Thai Massage and western therapeutic massage techniques to become “Thai Fusion”. This superb massage acupressure and light stretching to release muscular tension by using Thai healing techniques, elbow pressure on the tense area while stimulating blended oil relieves tension and relax body and mind.

    60/90 Mins - 1,900/2,500 THB

  • Balinese massage

    Improves the removal of lactic acid and warms the muscles for greater circulation. Release tension and improves suppleness.

    60/90 Mins - 1,900/2,500 THB

  • Indian head massage

    With traditional specific Mama Point Massage to alleviate stress and tension, help relieve muscular pain around head, neck, shoulder and upper back. Using massage friction and pressure point to initiate an ultimate relaxation that leaves you feeling refreshed and clear headed.

    60 Mins - 1,800 THB

  • Relaxing foot massage

    Enjoy relaxing foot ritual that will embark you to relaxation. Tension, stress and fatigue will melt away as you enjoy organic foot soak in our unique hammered bowl infused with marine salt exfoliation incorporate herbs and essences such as Lemongrass, Ginger, and Lime. Inner peace and balance is achieved with this ritual. The stimulating nature is peppermint produce a warming effect on the feet while improving circulation and easing away muscular aches and pains.

    60 Mins - 1,200 THB

  • Back & shoulder stress massage

    Enjoy a soothing energizing back, neck, shoulders massage focusing on vital energy points for a total experience of the mind and spirit.

    30/60 Mins - 1,000/1,700 THB

  • Children and young adult treatment (5 – 11 years)

    Invite your child to discover the world of well-being under the caring touch of Thai therapist. Gentle pressure is applied to the scalp, legs and feet and grounding oil massage in performed on the back and the arms. This treatment improves children’s quality of sleep. Soothes nervous system and strengthens the immune system.

    Full Body Massage 30 Mins - 800 THB

  • Exotic herbal body scrub

    The herbal powders in formulation excellent for the removal of surface dead skin cells and promote cells regeneration. Plai Tanana honey and turmeric is both very cleansing and soothing to the skin. The milk acid in yoghurt helps to firm up the pores and also balance the natural skin pH level. Skins feel radiant and glowing after treatment.

    60 Mins - 1,500 THB

  • Harmony body scrub

    The herbal powders in formulation excellent for the removal of surface dead skin cells and promote cells regeneration Skins feel radiant and glowing after treatment. Organic grains ingredients such as rice berry, black sesame, yogurt, green beans, and Honey are used to deeply cleanse exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

    60 Mins - 1,500 THB

  • Coffee body scrub

    The grounds help exfoliate old skin cells, while the caffeine can help minimize the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins. Coffee scrubs are usually too harsh for the complexion, but the rest of your body will love them.

    60 Mins - 1,500 THB

  • Coconut body scrub

    Coconut body scrub smells wonderful and will leave your skin in excellent condition. This recipe for coconut scrub will relax you and help your skin look young and more radiant. Coconut Scrub is made from pure natural coconut concentrate. It contains the benefit of Virgin Coconut Oil which is the healthiest and most versatile oil in the world. It is an extremely rich exfoliating paste. It will help tone, nourish and protect the skin. The exfoliating effects help to make your skin look fairer, smoother and softer.

    60 Mins - 1,500 THB

  • Sunburn soothing body wrap

    Aloe Vera, with all its beneficial properties, is applied on to the entire body with special attention to sun burn areas to hydrate and sooth the skin. This treatment reduces the body temperature as moisturizes and encourages growth of new cells.

    60 Mins - 1,800 THB

  • Thai white clay body wrap

    In this treatment you will be wrapped in warm and high mineralized mud, nourishing your skin and improving blood circulation.

    60 Mins - 1,800 THB

  • Qaqula natural deep cleansing facial

    Ideal to restore suppleness, softness and optimal comfort: the skin is cleaned, scrubbed, balanced with trace elements application and a nourishing aroma rain, massaged with a regenerating serum and treated by a moisturizing mask. For dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins.

    60 Mins - 2,300 THB

  • Cleopatra milk bath

    The legendary beauty secret of the milky bath, this bath can help maintain youthful glow the skin. It contain natural organic that will help to heal and restore the balance. This treatment excellent for sensitive and dry skin, and will leave you feel like the finest silk of Asia.

    30 Mins (couples) - 1,000 THB

  • Harmony of paradise

    A magnificent your day at Spa QAQULA experience with “top to toe” pampering that tailored those seeking healthier and clearer complexion and stress free body. Refresh your body gentle with the virgin coconut oil of pure Thai natural oil, followed by body scrub to remove dead skin cell. Balance energy flow and calm the mind with our signature treatment

    Foot ritual – Body scrub with your choices – Virgin Coconut Oil Massage – herbal refreshment

    2 Hours - 3,500 THB

  • Soothe the soul package

    Idea for sunburn areas to hydrate and Soothe the skin this treatment reduces the body temperature. Aloe Vera, with all its beneficial properties, is applied on to the entire body with special attention to sun burn areas to hydrate and sooth the skin. This treatment reduces the body temperature as moisturizes and encourages growth of new cell

    Foot ritual –Aloe Vera body wrap or massage– QAQULA Natural deep cleansing facial– herbal refreshment

    2 Hours - 3,500 THB

  • Manicure, pedicure, manicure & pedicure, nail color

    - Manicure
    1,000 THB
    - Pedicureb
    1,200 THB
    - Manicure & Pedicure
    2,000 THB
    - Nail color
    500 THB
  • Nature’s midday haven

    Specifically derived from pure natural

    4 Hrs./6,500 THB

    - Cleopatra milk bath
    30 Mins
    - Coconut body scrub
    30 Mins
    - Thai white clay body wrap
    30 Mins
    - Virgin coconut oil massage
    90 Mins
    - QAQULA natural deep cleansing facial
    60 Mins
  • Perfect day package

    Perfect way to relax and pamper yourself in a beautiful setting

    6 Hrs./7,900 THB

    - Cleopatra milk bath
    30 Mins
    - Choice of body scrub
    30 Mins
    - Choice of body wrap
    30 Mins
    - Massage (of your choice)
    90 Mins
    - Lunch with healthy spa cuisine
    75 Mins
    - QAQULA natural deep cleansing facial
    60 Mins
    - Foot massage
    45 Mins